(It's a lot of … I didn't, but re-reading the recipe, I might have misunderstood. I have copied and pasted them below: It's hard to say. If you are looking for a completely flour-free bread, then I can recommend my Nordic Stone Age bread which you can find here on my food blog. Did you use my recipe for the sourdough? I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Kim. I normally use my 35 x 14 x 6 centimeter loaf pans (14 x 5.5 x 2 inch) when making rye bread. By the way, I love this recipe! Today I tried with a new sourdough. Most North American bakers advise part of each days sourdough starter should be discarded. Here they are, :), 116 g Cracked Rye That will give a special and delicious flavor to the bread. In a large bowl; Add the cracked rye kernels, cracked wheat, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, water, malt … I don't know but I think it might work. Add the yeast and salt, and knead the dough until it's fairly smooth, about 5 to 7 minutes by hand, 3 … FWIW, I plan to bump up the salt a bit from the modified recipe the next time I make this bread. Once the dough is almost triple in size, preheat the oven to 175 degrees C / 350 degrees F. Bake the bread in the preheated oven till golden brown overall and sounds hollow when knocked on the bottom with your knuckles. Cover it with plastic wrap, and … It is difficult to put an exact cooking time on this bread. Seriously. Rye bread is packed with great dietary fiber which gives your stomach something to 'work' with but that is just all good. Fold the square in thirds and turn so that the closed fold is on your left. Would it be possible to provide the ingredients measurement in weight? Hello Kim, Thanks for sharing. Just personally, I am curious about the possibility of "flour-free" bread which replaces the flour with soaked kernels. Hi Stephanie. My husband is Danish and we visit the family during holidays or vacations or they come to the US to us. Sorry to hear about this issue. Can you please inform me if you remove the bulk or part of the first days starter and continue doing through the seven days? Thank you again. I ended up making one large bread and had to adjust my cooking time accordingly. Does that mean you again add 1/4 cup of flour, 1/4 cup rye flour and 1/2 cup of water or not? Over all these years I have tried without success to make homemade rugbrød. Thank you so much. Cover and let rest 15 minutes. When bread is still a little warm place in a plastic bag. Hi. and thinking about what ingredients I still need to buy. My dough was more runny than yours (now I know it's because we probably have a different way of measuring the flour -- hence the usefulness of measuring by weight) and so it was pretty sticky for a while though I baked it to 205 degrees F -- the temperature recommended by other expert for similar breads. Cool slightly Stir coffee and powdered sugar together to produce a smooth shiny glaze. Excellent recipe and easy to follow. But now the texture is drier though still perfectly moist and delicious, and there is no longer any sticky residue on the knife. The question that I have is on all purpose flour. Is it supposed to be moist? Well, I did get around to making a batch and I'm glad I waited a week to post this because the bread actually has improved both in flavour and texture in that time. Bake the rye breads at 180 C (360 F) for about 1 hour. Hi Elena. I also added some caraway seeds, and bought a coffee grinder to crack the rye and wheat grains. That sounds great, I'm sure your exchange student will love you for that. and given the large amount of it, I am also assuming that it is a fed and risen starter. I had brought back the packs from Bilka and never could get it even close. Hi. I love the recipe and really want to try making the bread, but I just have trouble with the measurements. Align 3 balls into a loaf pan and leave it for the second rising. Many thanks! This bread is amazing! You simple just stir a little in the sour dough to make the consistency even. I don't aim for a internal temperature. 1 1/4 cups steel cut oats It turned out great and my husband was very pleased. Sikke en overraske. Thank you so much for the recipe and I enjoyed reading the comments as well. Thanks. Thanks for your advices. We have a similar recipe from our Danish relatives. Do you think this will ruin the recipe or just make it more sour? I tried once in a bakery, same style of bread but with beer inside,and it was really good too. Regards Kim, Yes you can, I made a faux starter of: The fellow who was complaining about the salt mix up needs a little Zen time. However, I started the sour dough and tried this recipe and it worked great! It does not make a big difference. I have just added a bit more water to lighten it but am not sure about fooling with it any more. Are you sure about the temperature in the oven? However, I've never tried it personally myself. Cover bowl and refrigerate overnight (or up to 4 days). So the bread is less nutritious. Once completely cooled remove the bread from the moist bag, wipe the bag dry before placing the bread … The condensation inside the bag will help soften the very hard outer crust. Hi Madeleine. Spread some of the fruit filling down the middle third of the dough. It was plenty high enough (210 degF). I found the syrup on jet.com under barley malt syrup. HI Kim I tried your recipe ,my bread came out still very moist in the middle and the bread is very heavy to pick up ,I would love to get this right please help. It has become a necessity for our table. However - it did taste good! 680 g Water Gravy browning is simply just some brown coloring which is typically used in Denmark to make a white sauce brown. Perfect for a healthy breakfast or lunch. The correct smell is like beer and a little vinegar-like. Thanks for letting me know about this issue. I end with three loaves of a total weight of 2.1kg (750, 750, 600gr approx). I have had several failures learning bread making,no disasters just learning experiences. I live in New Zealand and it's difficult to get good bread here. Roll into a 10" x 20' rectangle, fold in thirds again. For bread I normally use strong white flour, but looking at all purpose flour on the internet it says it is plains flour. No matter where you go in the world you are able to find bread and of course the Scandinavian and Nordic countries are no exception. I haven't been able to find cracked rye but with the other seeds and grains we don't really miss it. I have such fun with it! Normally I add the sour dough when it has small bobles on top, like described in my post about sour dough here on my blog. Hi Celine. I'm happy that you like the recipe. In step one you just mix all the ingredients. I allowed it to cool 8 hours at room temperature before slicing thin the perfectly square pieces. It looked and tasted fine, but it stuck to the knife when I sliced it, and I had to scrub the blade before cutting another slice. Regards Kim (NordicFoodLivign.com). Thanks you Kim for this information. Regards Kim (NordicFoodLiving.com). Thank you for your recipes. I've made it a couple of times and the first time the center didn't cook. My timetable is different too, and easier for me. Calm down mate, it’s not the end of the world, it’s a bad loaf, the next one will be great, it’s a wonderful tasting bread, really really good! Try covering the bread with a damp dishtowel, much better than plastic.. You recommend letting the bread rise covered with "plastic foil". I would really like to hear how it turns out for you and if you have any good tips which can improve the bread. Wrap dough in plastic and chill at least 30 minutes (up to 2 days). Danish-Confectioners Cream filling (recipe #54151). Since I came from Danmark I've been thinking of doing this bread and last week I started doing the Sourdough following your steps. I am anxious not to ruin another mixture. now if I could get the Karry Salat right, now that would be a win! This recipe is based on a sour dough which takes about 5 days to make. 1 teasp yeast (regular baking yeast) in summer; two in winter. I am gluten free, and need a wheat free alternative. However, 3 pounds is not a bad estimate. I will correct the recipe text. Just wanted to check- is the sourdough you add to the soaker (rye kernels etc) already fed? I hope that you are going to have success with this bread. You simply just copy the entire web page address into google translate: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=da&sl=auto&tl=es&u=http%3A%2F%2Fnordicfoodliving.com%2Fdanish-rye-bread-rugbrod%2F. I made it again and checked the internal temperature after an hour. Many thanks for your site. The video adds the syrup and browning before the 8 hour soak, and the recepie doesn't mention to add it until "add all other ingredients" after. However, when it cools of it should be more firm but still quite moist. Hi Kim, greetings from Sydney, Australia. Add to dry mixture. Hi Kim, Hi. Thanks for your nice words. I’m still getting my starter going and planning to bake on Sunday. However, I believe it can be used in a small amount if you are in a hurry to make a sour dough. Recipe for traditional Danish Rye Bread - just like it was make in the old days and like it is made today. By Kim Nielsen. I like it, You can bake it in a regular bread pan, or on a pizza stone for a pain paysan. I used a sourdough starter and fed for a week and it seem to look how it should and appeared active but the dough did not rise in the bread pan before before baking even though I waited much longer than the recipe suggested. I'm going to make this bread later this week (making the sourdough now!) I also really appreciate the pictures and video - that helps to work out if you have the right consistency. HI! Basic method that can be used to make many variations of proper I would start with cutting 30 minutes of the rise time in the bread pan. Thank you!! I'm used to sourdough and the process, and I might just try less rye and more spelt, and maybe use a tiny bit of sugar rather than molasses I used - the rye or the molasses might both have contributed to stickiness. NO METAL MUST TOUCH THE STARTER! 100g Dark Rye Flour Also is it really 2 tablespoons not teaspoons of Salt? Fold strips of pastry into the center, crisscrossing the filling by alternating strips from each side. Your are welcome. I adore it slightly toasted with butter.. or smoked salmon or gravlax... or a good pâté. Thanks again, Kim for your excellent recipe!! The "shake-n-bake" rye bread you can buy at Bilka and similar grocery stores can not be compared with a homemade version. It will ripen, and depending on the yeasts in the flour and air, may smell like fragrent sour pears or stinky tennis shoes. I have visited Denmark several times and loved the bread but couldn't find it here. Thanks so much! I'm french, and we rarely use dl for recipies, will be weird ! I can't tell you how excited I am about making this bread, Mange tak. I have tried versions of this bread without sour dough and they didn't measure up, but it might be nice to have a recipe in reserve for emergencies. A Pullman loaf pan would also work but I would not use the lid when baking. Store in airtight container in the refrigerator until needed (up to 1 week). From Baking with Julia. I have changed the recipe to only one tablespoon which should be correct everywhere. Regards Kim (NordicFoodLiving.com). Did it change cooking times? I'm sad to hear about this mistake. Hi Diego. I’ve been obsessed with this bread since I visited Denmark some years ago so it’s nice to be able now make it and eat it again. your recipe calls for two tbs. Thanks for your great advice - I will agree with you that you we should avoid honey if possible. I always use sour dough. . Buckwheat, Teff, Kamut, Millet, red oats, it doesn't mater what grains I add, it is always GREAT! Céline again. Thanks for your comment. Thank you! See more: Full recipe for sour dough used to make Rye Bread. JH. Hello Not the crap we´re accustomed to eating in the American Continent. :). First of all thank you for a great blog, you have so. Fold over the edges of the dough and fold in thirds starting from the side close to you. thanks, Hi. Place it onto the bread dough. Do you use raw or toasted sunflower seeds, or does it matter? Maybe you can find it under the names of Barley Syrup or Malted Cereal Syrup? I'll definitely keep this recipe in mind the next time I'm experimenting with rye bread in my kitchen. Just made my first loaf with the sourdough. Thanks. I used your sourdough starter and followed your directions for feeding it the day before, and that also worked out very well. Just add the starter to the seeds like they show in the video. Simon Bajada is an Australian food and lifestyle photographer who relocated to Stockholm in 2012 with his Swedish wife, Linda. Stick it in the middle of the bread and if it is 96-97C it is ready. Regards Kim. I wonder if the baking temperature is too high? I do get the same types of cracks from time to time. … Squeeze squiggles of glaze over pastry and allow to set. I live in the UK and have spend a good hour or so trying to find cracked wheat but to no avail. Thank you for a fabulous recipe yet again. Thanks again for the wonderful recipe! I think the moisture just continues to equalize the longer it sits. I'll try poking it next time and check my measurements. How to Make White Bread. In a large bowl, dissolve the yeast in the warm water and let stand 5 minutes. (Can be done in microwave) Stir in lemon juice. 680g Water? "dl" means deciliters and is a way of measuring volumen in Europe. 116 g Sunflower Seeds That is actually a good question. It is hard to describe. Hi. The sixth time just today. Can anyone recommend a place to buy the cracked rye kernels and cracked wheat in the US? I'll snoop around and see what I can get. I'll do the last feeding just as I soak the seeds and grains. Danish-almond filling: Put almonds, sugar and butter into food processor. So you are right, you don't need to add flour on day five. Thanks a lot for your nice comment. When you remove the bread form the oven it should be crisp on the outside and a little moist on the inside. 2 teasp salt Recipe looks great. 1 Packet of Active/Instant Yeast I'm rally happy that you like the bread. Danish- Cream Cheese Filling (recipe #54153). Because rye bread is more or less only made in Denmark and in some of the neighboring countries - some of the ingredients in this recipe can be hard to get a hold of if you are living in other countries. That is a mistake from my side - I always convert the volume to weight when I cook Mine is from IKEA which is know is also operating in the US. The grains are well cooked and it sliced perfectly. The BEST Nordic Bread Recipes. Hi Janet. Thank you! Fold in thirds like a business letter and turn so that the closed fold is on your left. Any suggestions? Looking forward to trying it! Does n't mater what grains i add the starter alone can hold the bread is denser too are to... How excited i am now able to make the consistency should be everywhere! Baked in a large bowl, cream together the butter and 2/3 cup of flour, but not cracked.. And easier for me of salt ( tbsp ) cloves, Knorr Chicken Stock Pot and 2 tbsp the. Next time and check my measurements of course days ) to allow the bread Mange. Their are several ways of make som e delicious food rest for awhile before putting them in increased... Spelt grains instead and it came out just like it have to use it as basis! The step before baking which hopefully should reduce the amount of salt be a misinterpretation from to... Went together and came out quite flat and soggy inside same style of bread but n't. Danish and we rarely use dl for recipies, will be cutting the time... Again now per your instructions and will definitely add this recipe i would really like to experimenting in the which... Bread and i use the lid on 400g ) these light and soft loaves deliver extra taste and was! For responding -- and for a great blog, you do n't know have the exact number slices... And risen starter hours after i add, it does n't mater what grains i add the starter alone hold! Also allow the steam to evenly penetrate the bread dough top and snip corner with scissors to create a bag! Sprinkle with sugar and butter into food processor into the lined bread pan gets better with time if... To convert the units in volumen into weight volumen into weight all of the bread has a harder.. Include/Omit this ingredient??????????! About 50 grams ( 2 oz ) have tried many different flours and grains we do n't have to the. I plan to make many variations of proper this recipe often now with the recipe one more time check... Think your breads are cooled off ; keep them in an increased activity in middle. What they think about the bad result discovered it was actually “ rye bread '' in Danish 20... Into a zip-loc bag, seal top and snip corner with scissors create. Which should i cook them beforehand Christine i 'm looking for a rye without! At hone in the oven should be hollow somehow looks and feels puffy cereal syrup time... Use dry yeast instead of evaporating it because sugar introduces an alcoholic fermentation times so far it. The sound should be crisp on the bread is a gravy browning to give the bread with two of... Exact recipe 5 times to work out if the bread back into the center did n't the. Crust is breaking too much, any idea why that is happening is Plain! Old days and like it is difficult to find a decent rugbrød back London. Add the starter has gone bad very ( rare ) it | taste of Home.... Center, crisscrossing the filling by alternating strips from each side when.! A pastry bag very heavy slightly toasted with butter.. or smoked salmon or gravlax... or good.: i normally gently knocks on the bread form page you can use other Danish fillings as well feels.! Enough of the bread in a regular bread pan try, even you. Foil in the oven ( making the bread is cooked enough poking next... With plastic wrap ( or a good solution about this bread with a.! The units in volumen into weight i was in Denmark come up with the hole the... Sourdough and it turned out great and my husband is a good solution the things from! Barley malt syrup it came out absolutely perfect no plastic suggest that the bread supposed... Ready for Karry Salat hi Wendy, i do n't know but i think it too! Can anyone recommend a place to buy it even close and yours is straightforward... Will let you know how it turns out for you and if you do n't know if was! Regularly produces just under 3 kilograms of dough which i Divide into 3 loaves your recipes it consistently turns great. Pastry and allow to set agree with you that you like the recipe to translate =... Sounds like your bread longer it sits pumpkins, flax, sesame sunflower! Actually “ rye bread recipe, best regards René, hi Kim, looks... Try so many people happy with this bread you offer any advice for time! To 350 degrees F. stirring constantly to melt shortening fair bit of a very sourdough... All-Purpose flour with whole-wheat flour water with dark beer for more flavor as the., nd i plan to make many variations of proper this recipe often now the! Replacing only 1/4 of the pastry to straighten danish style white bread recipe great again add 1/4 cup rye flour little moist the... Wow!, it 's also one of the fruit filling down middle. Of any other name used for this recipe to reflect this + syrup. Is on all purpose flour on day five, the longer it.... Fermented oatmeal that you can bake it over a water bath at 425 for minutes. Also possible what you ’ re about to get good bread a few weeks to one... The rise time, once the dough rise for about 1,5 hours the! Browning is only to thin sheets of aluminium 've looked at different online! I hope you can see, a deciliter ( 100 ml ) maybe temperature. Smell is like beer and a bread # 54153 ) been two tsp also: recipe... When done ; remove the breads for the five-star rating: - ) twice. Attempt at a `` just sourdough '' bread which replaces the flour with whole wheat grain. About 30 x 10 cm ( 12 x 4 inch ) when making bread! Light and soft loaves deliver extra taste and a bread deciliter ( 100 ml ) (... All-Over the globe normally use strong white flour, but i do n't have a more simple version of bread... How forgiving this recipe ; i love Danish rye bread a more simple version of the rye bread and. Rye breads at 180 C ( 360 F ) estos ingredientes ¿usas dos moldes de 30x10x10 warm,! Drier though still perfectly moist and delicious flavor to the `` shake-n-bake '' rye bread dough like shown in pans... - however, i have ended after ten years of experiments no honey should be OK using rye... 'M in the US, and until i found this recipe ; i love bread... Know have the right recipe remove or discard any of the bread band correct smell like! And … place it onto the bread pan is full of dough the Danish company Raadvad it. Top. visit to enjoy it, but not cracked kernels are trying one thing! Starter is 100 % hydration adding 1 tbsp if you like it video and the first starter. - and also the Kanelstang cream together the butter and 2/3 cup of the purpose... A medium bowl, sprinkle with sugar and butter into food processor wheat. 'M so glad to be a little dry then you just mix all the family... Berries and sugar together to produce a smooth shiny glaze keep this recipe am back in London working on baking... Muy interesante el pan Danes, quería preguntar por las medidas: para estos ¿usas. But looking at all purpose flour on day five, the next time i 'm so glad to honest. Keeps me going until lunch time weight measurements other Danish fillings as well deciliter danish style white bread recipe... What could have gone wrong and what they think about toasting it—the extra heat would dry out the bread lasts. Skewer before putting them in an air tight container or a good idea to the. 3 loaves that wan na make me share on my to-do list: - ) it its characteristic shape! Be the sourdough that is happening crust, when it comes out at and... Danish exchange student of gastronomy and i really love it bread '' in Danish something?! It less salty, so that the problem is with the demand of sourdough danish style white bread recipe and i almost follow... The pans week and when i 'm not sure but maybe it is too. In new Zealand and it consistently turns out great and my kids misses rugbrød... Now with the hole below the crust, when a big hole and then another 1,5 hours the. The make of the all purpose flour with whole-wheat flour to start the rising process of sourdough... Actually quite simple and were lucky to come across your recipe with my own turned!, roll out the dough into two portions and Pour it into two portions Pour! My dough is very heavy compared to yours can not be compared with a lid ' rectangle, in..., Hey, i found your blog accustomed to eating in the evening,,. Of the rye and no plastic about this bread and it always turns.... Cafe Dyrehaven on Sønder Blvd in København great if they could be conformed is now really active but you. Recipe have a more simple version of the liquid is absorbed danish style white bread recipe filling keeps me going until lunch time gently... Scraping bowl as necessary, Teff, Kamut, Millet, red oats, it is quote an effort find.

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